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Magneat - Magnetic Cable Organizer

RM 15.00 RM 49.90

Product Description 

Magneat™ is the simple, stylish way to win the seemingly endless war against headphone cables that tangle and dangle. Just attach the magnetic clip to your clothes and then wrap the excess wire around it. It's the perfect accessory for iPods, iPhones and MP3 players.

Using the Magneat is easy, and it works with almost any set of buds. Slide the two magnetic halves apart, put one side under your shirt and the other side over the top, and move them until they connect. Wind the loose cable around the clip, and you're ready for a run at the gym or just running around town.

If you need to turn off the tunes and use your ears for something other than music, just pull out your earphones and let them hang free from the Magneat.

Choose from a variety of solid colors and graphic designs that let you stand out from the crowd.


  • Eliminates tangled earbud/headphone cables.
  • A variety of colors and designs to suite any style.
  • Easy to use.
  • Magnets are fun.
  • Helps ease headphone weight while jogging/running.

Product Details

  • It really is the ultimate management solution to those tangled cords.
  • No more messed up wires !
  • Provides ear relief. 
  • Enjoy music as it should be, untangled n´fun.
  • Suitable for almost any headphone / earphone / hands-free cords.
  • Fits on almost any clothing, any where / any wear.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Patented design and function.
  • Collectable.
  • Finally, a solution for annoying headphone wires!

So very, very easy . . . How to Use

  1. Secure the Magneat™ to your shirt/jacket via the magnetic fixation system, no clips - no marks.
  2. Wind excessive heaphone-wires on the Magneat™. 
  3. Move freely without tangling, relieving ears from the pull.
  4. Take headphones off, without having to tuck them away completely.
  5. Hang the Magneat™ on any magnetic surface or leave it on your jacket with your headphones on it, and return to them untangled.

Magneat; a new way to manage headphone wires from any mobile device. Featuring a patented magnet solution to be fastened to almost any clothing, the Magneat solves one of the most annoying elements of portable technology like no-one has done before. The Magneat lets you adjusts the wire to acceptable length, minimizing the risk of tangling and reliefs the ears of the weight and motion from the wires. It keeps the wires close to your body and reduces the risk of unwillingly hooking and pulling it out of your ears or PMP (even when tying your shoelaces). Other benefits are the easy storage and untangled retrieval.
The small button/yo-yo like, two piece unit, has two strong magnets to securely fasten the Magneat to any garment, without leaving marks. The best way to wind & unwind.
Running, cycling, skating, snowboarding or walking,
most of us would appreciate the relief of the wires dangling all over.
“Having used portable music players since the early Sony Walkman, and praising the arrival of the iPod and other PMP´s, the problem of carrying excessive wires when in motion had not been resolved in a simple manner, no clips and no additional strain on the ears. We ended up by solving this our way”: says the design team behind the Magneat. “Magneat is simplicity and solution”.

For users of headphones, Magneat is the solution you´ve been waiting for. No strings attached... not quite, but they are no longer in your way!